Jill in a Bottle, BYOB Edition

Jill in a Bottle, BYOB Edition

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WOW! Almost 200 of Jill's songs available for instant download to keep you entertained throughout the holiday season. This is exactly the same content you'll find in the regular Jill Drive, without the bottle or USB cork. Just think of it: eleven hours of awesome music, available now for just 40 bucks.  That's under $3.75 per hour for:

  • All of Jill's albums (now including Nostalgia Kills and Jill Comes Alive!)
  • B-sides
  • Live tracks
  • Rejects
  • Guest stars! ("I Kissed a Girl" with Warren Zevon, "All The Young Dudes" with Billy Bragg, and Cyndi Lauper with Jill on "Mexican Wrestler")

It's a deal for every music lover. Get yours now, because this deal only lasts for a short time.

Available for a limited time only.