The Jill Drive (Version 2.1!)

The Jill Drive (Version 2.1!)

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WOW! Almost 200 of Jill's songs in a bottle (and USB flash drive), including:
  • All albums (now including Nostalgia Kills and Jill Comes Alive!)
  • B-sides
  • Live tracks
  • Rejects
  • Guest stars! ("I Kissed a Girl" with Warren Zevon, "All The Young Dudes" with Billy Bragg, and Cyndi Lauper with Jill on "Mexican Wrestler")

Includes flash drive embedded in cork and matching bottle.

It's a bargain! It's a good time! And it's newly updated! Get yours today!

NOTE: We have sold out our current stock of these, but expect more stock near the end of the month of April, 2022. We are therefore offering these at $5 off the regular price (and with free shipping!) to all who order these in advance.  In addition, when you purchase a Jill Drive now, during this pre-release period, we will give you a FREE Jill Drive "BYOB" (download) edition so that you can enjoy all the music right away. You get a stylish product and immediate gratification at the same time. Order yours now!